Digital collectibles in the real world

Unlock the power of engagement with Vennity, your premier studio for crafting customized digital collectible campaigns that transform brand loyalty, e-commerce, and educational experiences.

Our Customers

Create custom digital collectible campaigns

Creating digital collectible campaigns takes developer knowledge and resources. Now, all you need to do is upload your assets, craft a unique collecting experience in our no-code studio, and let us handle the confusing blockchainy stuff.

Gamify Your Experiences

Create enticing challenges and surveys using our form builder, incorporating the thrilling feature of item collection.
Geo-lock items to create Pokemon Go-like experiences using our built-in geofencing tech.
Use token-gating to create sequences of item collection to complete multi-step quests.

Publish Your Way

Share your unique creation using QR codes, SEO-optimized links, and on the Vennity social app.
Embed campaigns directly on your website or using our APIs. Vennity experiences are optimized for every device and application.
Integrate your custom experiences into your existing solutions using our APIs.


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